Powerful bar magnets are compact

May 20, 2014

Offered in various sizes, Eriez® bar magnets are suitable for use in many metalworking applications. The magnets are available in two styles: Bantam Magnets™ and Magna-Bars™.

Bantam magnets remove ferrous contamination present in small amounts in shallow flows of powders, granules, fibers, and liquids. They feature a high-gradient, concentrated magnetic field within ½ in. (13 mm) of the magnet face. Special units are available for applications at temperatures greater than 200 degrees F (93 degrees C).

In automation processes, the compact magnets are used as holding magnets or retaining and controlling magnets. The complete enclosure of the magnetic element prevents loss of magnetic strength from contact with surrounding equipment that would occur with the use of unprotected magnetic castings.

The Erium™-powered Magna-Bars offer more magnetic strength than any available magnet of comparable size and type, the company says. They serve as magnetic fanners for fanning small, light-gauge stampings. They also can be used to hold and control parts in magnetic handling and conveying applications, or as holding magnets in rack and other overhead conveying systems.

For magnetic separation and mounted above or beneath materials, they perform well for removal of fine iron and small tramp iron from shallow flows of slow-moving, nonsticky powders, granules, fibers, and liquids.

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