Quick-change vise jaw system reduces setup time

June 3, 2014

The CARVEsmart™ quick-change vise jaw system is designed for production and toolroom applications. It presents an alternative to attaching vise jaws to a vise using face-mounted cap screws.

The patented system employs three from the top, channeled clamping elements and a dovetailed jaw design to couple the master jaw and soft or hard jaws. Its dovetailed aluminum extruded barstock makes the soft jaw a cost-effective cut-to-length tool that can be reused or quickly recut with each part run.

To load soft jaws from the front or side, the user employs a T-handled hex wrench to loosen three channeled clamping elements accessed from the top of each master jaw. With the clamping mechanism on the top, there is no need to open the vise to access the cap screws. Differential screws pull the channeled clamps, providing downward pressure to secure a jaw in place.