Reels feature re-engineered fluid path

January 9, 2014

Coxreels® has introduced an entirely re-engineered fluid path on the 1195 series reels. The reels now come standard with an inline swivel and a remodeled, low-profile outlet riser offering full-flow characteristics and an increased operating-pressure range.

Featuring a one-piece, all-welded A-frame base and designed to handle 50 to 125 ft. of 2-in.-ID hose for increased-volume delivery applications, the reels have an inline electroless nickel-plated steel NPT swivel. The swivel is anchored to a new bearing assembly, machined from solid billet aluminum, that helps ensure swivel to axle concentricity and proper swivel alignment.

The hose reel now offers maximum full-flow fluid path and increased rating up to 1,000 operating PSI.