Reporting function translates shop floor data into four reports

February 6, 2014

Syscon Intl. has released MT Focus® Reports, a reporting function for its MT Focus machine tool monitoring system. The function assimilates the large volume of shop floor data from the system into actionable information.

The function takes real-time machine data and places it in a database on the collection hub. Microsoft® Excel translates the data into four reports: weekly machine performance, part history, operator history, and individual job. The reports can be viewed, printed, and stored. No integration support or third-party tools are needed.

Each report has two sheets. The first sheet is the report itself, while the second sheet contains a complete set of the data pulled from the machine. Using available Excel tools, the user can move any of these values to the cells on sheet one and incorporate them into the a customized report. Users also can pull in data from other databases.