Resistance seam welding machine upgraded

September 8, 2011

Resistance seam welding machine upgraded -

The RSX26 resistance seam welding machine from techMatrix LLC has been upgraded to work with larger, more powerful weld controllers up to 6.0-kA output. This makes the air-cooled, tabletop seam welding machine suitable for joining highly conductive foil materials such as copper, aluminum, and nickel, even if a hermetic seal is required.

These materials require short, high-energy pulses to be welded effectively. Both capacitive-discharge and high-frequency DC controllers with feedback control are suitable for use with the welding machine.

Also new are roller configurations that incorporate a copper hub and refractory-grade outer ring to join conductive metals.

The machine is controlled by the WeldWorks software suite, running on Windows® 7. The software allows operators to set the weld repetition rate and roller RPM on a per-part basis. In addition to running the machine and storing weld schedules, the software collects all weld data from the controller.

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