Resistance welding system enables single operator to weld large workpieces

October 9, 2007

LORS Machinery Inc. has been appointed by Koyo Giken Inc. as an authorized factory direct importer and distributor of Koyo's MYSPOT resistance welding systems.

Allowing a single operator to weld large workpieces, the patented system incorporates a copper-alloy welding/worktable and an articulated welding arm with a spot weld gun. The table helps to provide an improved weld appearance on the finish side of the workpiece, the company reports.

The system utilizes three-phase, middle-frequency inverter technology and features a simplified, preprogrammed microprocessor welding control. The control automatically selects optimal welding parameters for time, current intensity, and weld force. It also verifies water flow to ensure proper water cooling of the equipment. An antioxidation system produces clean welds with no burn marks on the finish side of stainless steel assemblies.

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