Reworked order control software requires less than 30 min. training

December 17, 2012

Jetcam has launched a new version of its Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) software. JOC Lite II has been reworked from the ground up as a user-installable product requiring less than 30 min. of training.

The software allows users to create order lists remotely of either components or complex assembly structures for sending to the company's Expert CADCAM software for nesting. More than 20 tutorial videos walk the user through all stages of setup and usage. The software requires paths to be set up only to point to the user's Jetcam installation and geometry files.

The software creates unlimited worksheets for different operators, machines, and days of the week. These can be populated by dragging and dropping components or complete assemblies onto the worksheet, or by using CSV import to create and populate worksheets automatically.

To create complex assembly structures, users start by creating their assembly and subassembly names and arranging them in their depth order. They then drag and drop components into any level of the assembly and specify quantities, and the assembly is ready to order. Complex assemblies that are multiple levels deep can be created automatically using files in directory structures; users can right-click over a folder and select Create Assembly, and it is immediately available to order.

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