Robotic pallet wrapper handles 60 loads/hr.

March 13, 2014

ITW Muller has introduced the GW-4100, a 40-in. robotic pallet wrapper. The newly designed carriage offers twice the speed, throughput, and battery life compared to the standard GW-4100, according to the company. The 40-in. carriage accommodates the wrapping of larger loads.

The wrapper reaches speeds of 60 loads/hr. and comes standard with a telescoping mast that accommodates loads up to 110 in. high. The built-in film cutter cuts the film when the wrap cycle is complete.

The unit features independent top and bottom wrap pattern selection from 1 to 20 wraps. Film tension can be adjusted electronically from the control panel. The wrapper can perform 400 loads per charge. It comes preset with 99 wrap cycles and can be programmed with an unlimited number of options.

Safety features include an emergency-stop button, safety contact edge, and low voltage to reduce shock hazard.