Rotary encoder employs Profibus communications

October 22, 2013

Rotary encoder employs Profibus communications -

Heidenhain offers Leine & Linde's new version of a rotary encoder supporting condition monitoring systems. The model 862, which incorporates the Profibus DP communication interface, is a heavy-duty incremental encoder for tough motion control environments, such as those in the steel and wind power equipment industries.

The company's Advanced Diagnostic System (ADS) functionality has been incorporated into the Profibus diagnostic information, giving a plant manager insight on the general health of the encoder, as well as specific failure information should such an event occur.

Working in tandem with the traditional incremental output signals, the Profibus communications also can support velocity feedback, overspeed alarm limits, operating temperature, heartbeat counters, position presets, standstill detection and time, count up direction, internal diagnostics, operating time, and encoder configuration details.