Sheet metal manufacturing software designed to optimize processes from work orders to finished product

July 25, 2011

Lantek has launched Manufacturing Execution System Lantek Manager software, designed to help optimize sheet metal manufacturing processes from work orders to finished product. It simultaneously considers many factors, including delivery date, customer, machinery to be used, material thickness, and specification to produce a realistic prediction of shop floor performance.

Search filters allow users to get a view of production in real time. The status of each product — waiting, being manufactured, nested, or finished — can be established using the intuitive graphics. This enables managers to see the current manufacturing situation and take corrective action as necessary.

By considering the load on each machine, the user can optimize the issuing of work orders to the shop floor and the creation of CAD/CAM programs. The software can integrate with work orders generated by ERP systems and databases, or it can work with orders for individual components.

It allows managers to assign and reserve materials and give priority to particular jobs. Additionally, the software can link to a variety of data-collecting devices in the workshop, allowing companies to record actual times and material usage for each nesting or manufacturing operation.

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