Software allows real-time information sharing across entire company

December 12, 2013

Software allows real-time information sharing across entire company -

Lantek has introduced Lantek Factory software. Information sharing in real time is at the heart of the concept, working from a common database across the whole company.

The sales team can prepare quotations and deliver them in minutes, producing accurate pricing from live information about material costs, production times, and expected profit margins. Based on current work load, the sales team can offer realistic delivery times.

Once accepted, the sales order is processed and passed to production planning, where the production order is placed, and the job is fitted into the production schedule. Next the production engineers create the program, allocating the machine and the material, and nest the parts. Shared information goes to the warehouse, where material is delivered to the allocated machine ready for manufacture, and stock levels are updated, triggering reordering of material when necessary.

On the machine, the operator logs start and finish times to record the status of the job and the manufacturing times as the parts are being produced. This real-time information goes to the administration team, where delivery notes and invoices are raised, information about the cost of the job consolidated, and instructions for shipment of the parts issued to the warehouse.

Managers have an overview of the complete process so that they can monitor production and the status of individual jobs and keep themselves informed about overall business metrics such as profit margins, sales, and delivery performance.

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