Software enhances CNC punching machines

July 13, 2004

Lantek Systems Inc. offers Lantek Expert Punch and Lantek Expert II (cut and punch). Expert Punch is designed to enhance punch machines. Expert II is designed to automate programming of sheet metal cutting machines, including oxycut, plasma, laser, waterjet, and CNC punching machines. The software is available for stand-alone cells or as part of a network system.

The software integrates into Lantek Expert III, reducing data entry. Nesting features include best sheet selection for reducing scrap. Costing and time calculation functions include all consumable and raw materials. A sheets database permits inventory tracking and control. An automatic tooling function reduces setup times.

Features include:

  • 2-D CAD module
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Parametric shapes library
  • DXF, DWG file importing
  • Capability to save nesting drawings in WMF or DXF files
  • Automatic geometry verification and error correction
  • Manual, automatic, and interactive nesting
  • True-shape nesting
  • Common punching and nesting
  • Manual and automatic interactive technology assignment
  • Standard reports
  • Automatic part quantity tracking
  • Automatic calculation of part area, weight, machining time, and cost
  • User-definable cost parameters
  • Automatic tooling and processes
  • Communications
  • Flexible automatic sequencing options
  • Automatic work-chute management
  • Automatic microjoint management
  • Automatic clamp avoidance control
  • Automatic repositions
  • User-definable punching macros
  • Shear management
  • Integrated parts, tools, dies, and material databases
  • Automatic plate cropping and remnant creation
  • Automatic nesting on remnant sheets

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