Suspended electromagnets remove tramp metal from conveyed materials

April 21, 2014

Eriez® SE series 7000 suspended electromagnets remove tramp metal from recycled materials, ores, and almost any nonferrous material conveyed in heavy burden depths on flat conveyors or chutes. The company offers 23 magnet sizes, 69 standard models, and hundreds of designs.

The air-cooled, dry-type electromagnets require no coolant fluids. UL-listed construction is offered on units for use in hazardous, dusty, and gassy locations. Manual-cleaning and self-cleaning models are available.

Adjustable oil expansion tanks prevent condensation and protect against hot spots to extend coil life. Options include upgraded coil design for elevations greater than 3,000 ft. above sea level, high fire-point coolants, zero-speed switches, dust covers, pulley guards and controls, permanent extensions and monitoring devices, and force-cooled units for high-temperature applications.

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