Tank-side coalescer removes tramp oil from individual machine tool sumps

August 7, 2013

Eriez® offers the HydroFlow® 15-gal. tank-side coalescer, which removes tramp oil and fines and returns clean, reusable coolant to machine tool sumps and parts washers. The portable unit has a 1- to 1.5-GPM oil removal rate and comes with a 9-ft. suction hose and a 5-ft. clean discharge hose.

The coalescer features a 110-V electric, submersible pump, coupled to an adjustable skimming device which, when installed properly, rests in the sump and collects oil from the surface. The pump delivers skimmed tramp oil and coolant to the coalescer settling tank.

A 15-gal. polyethylene drum, an inner oil diversion baffle, an oil discharge spigot, and a clean coolant discharge hose are part of the settling tank. Clean coolant gravity flows from the settling tank through the discharge hose and back to the sump. The skimmer can be modified to work in machine sumps with as little as 3 in. of coolant.

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