Two-stage regulators built for medium- and heavy-duty projects

August 13, 2014

Designed with a maximum inlet of 3,000 PSIG, Uniweld’s RHT83 series two-stage regulators are built for medium- and heavy-duty applications. They comprise 2½-in. gauges; a machined brass body and polished chrome bonnet on a heavy-duty, mechanical, stem-type seat; and nozzle assembly.

The two-stage design provides a constant supply pressure, eliminating the need for periodic adjustments. The first stage is a 1 5/8-in. trilayered, reinforced neoprene diaphragm, and the second is a 2-in. diaphragm of the same material.

A delrin bushing is used for smooth flow adjustment, while the fine-mesh filter screen between the inlet and seat keeps debris from the system. A pressure relief device provides for low-pressure gauge protection.

The maximum flow is 1,500 SCFH.

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