U-handles offered in customized lengths, bends

February 17, 2014

J.W. Winco Inc. offers U-handles that can be purchased in customized lengths and bends to suit particular applications.

The company’s RoHS-compliant tubular handles include aluminum tubular handles in the GN 333 offset version and the GN 333.1 straight version, in inch and metric sizes. Both have zinc die-cast legs. The same materials are used in GN 334 and GN 334.1 aluminum oval tubular handles, with different styles of legs, also in inch and metric sizes.

The GN 366 and GN 667 aluminum handles have fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer plastic legs in metric sizes. The GN 667 handle also has socket head cap screws for mounting. All-aluminum GN 669 handles in metric sizes are offered with tapped holes or socket head cap screws and can be mounted back to back.

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