Ultrasonic wire splicer creates bond without filler metals

April 9, 2012

Ultrasonic wire splicer creates bond without filler metals - TheFabricator.com

Sonobond offers the Dual Head SpliceRite™ ultrasonic wire splicer. It creates solid-state metallurgical bonds with high conductivity without the need for filler materials. No clipping, soldering, crimping, or dipping is required. The process does not produce arcs, sparks, or fumes and does not melt the assemblage.

The machine can handle wire bundles up to 3.94 sq. in. with one pulse. It can accommodate tinned wires up to 2.36 sq. in.

The splicer consists of two ultrasonic transducers and couplers — one above and one below the weld area — plus a set of pneumatically driven jaws. These jaws gather the wires tightly to a preset width. The upper tip then descends to complete the compressing of the bundle, and ultrasonic power is applied. When the cycle ends, the jaws open so the wires can be removed.

The environmentally friendly process produces no waste and consumes minimal energy.

The splicer features the Wedge-Reed bonding system of high vibratory force and low-amplitude coupling. Shear mode vibration, parallel to the welding surface, is used while the line of force is directly over the parts to be welded. This creates precise, dependable welds without bending stress or stalling, the company reports. The patented bonding system also allows the equipment to accommodate most tinned and oxidized metals without precleaning.

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