Upgrade kit designed for inverter welding systems

June 13, 2006

WeldComputer Corp. has developed an upgrade kit for existing inverter welding systems that delivers enhancements without replacing inverters.

The control provides msec by msec programmability in open-loop, current feedback, voltage feedback, and power feedback modes. Programmable air (setting weld cylinder pressure within the weld schedule) is also available as an option.

The WeldComputer® Adaptive Control provides the L-Series control with functionality and the capability to monitor current, voltage, conductance, power, force and pressure, workpiece thickness, and displacement.

The kit also contains replacement driver boards, the main board with processor, memory, and io; all necessary cables (with connector terminations, so no splices are required); a 24-VDC power supply for DIN rail mounting; miscellaneous hardware; L-Series or WeldComputer Adaptive Control software and control-specific hardware; installation instructions; and operating manuals.