Variable-height rest made for use with modular welding tables

June 10, 2014

Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the BuildPro™ variable-height rest. It is adjusted by hand with the turn of a knurled band for control in very small height adjustments.

The adjustable rest can be inserted into any fixturing hole on the manufacturer’s modular welding table surface for use as a support or rest for setting stock at a uniform height, aligning stock of different sizes, and providing welding clearance. The company’s V-blocks press fit into the top cavity of the adjustable rests to support round pipes.

Three mounting options are available: press fit into any hole on the welding table with the standard 0.625-in. post, fasten to the manufacturer’s accessories such as riser blocks or straight-edge stops for repetitive applications using the adapter post with cap screw, or free-float the rest for temporary usage by removing both the standard post and the adapter post.

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