Welding clips, clamps handle applications up to 400 amps

June 27, 2014

Mueller Electric Co. Inc. offers battery, kelvinized, and welding clips and clamps for applications up to 400 amps.

The high-amperage clips incorporate a heavy-duty, glass-filled polyamide handle and a high-impact, glass-filled nylon clip body. Each bus bar in the clips is designed to ensure quick heat dissipation.

The BU-102B clip features serrated jaws created from stamped 100 percent copperplate. It is rated at 300 amps. The BU-102BK is a kelvinized clip. The BU-102W welding jaws are rated for 400 amps and machined from 100 percent copper slugs with serrated teeth. They are designed for the safe grounding of welding equipment during operation.

The clips are designed to withstand thousands of cycles. Copper battery jaws are fully interchangeable and field replaceable.