Welding tables feature five-face design

September 11, 2012

Welding tables feature five-face design - TheFabricator.com

Strong Hand Tools® is an authorized U.S. distributor of German-made Siegmund welding tables for heavy-duty fixturing applications. They feature a one-piece, five-face design with 0.98-in.-thick reinforced steel plate for a rigid work surface with flatness within 0.012 in. Load capacity is 3.5 tons.

Precision CNC-machined, 0.98-in.-dia. horizontal and vertical holes cover the five faces of the tabletop in a 3.94-in.grid pattern for flexibility in the design and setup of fixtures. Visible grid lines on the tabletop aid workpiece alignment and positioning. A diagonal hole pattern on the tabletop is available as an option, providing 80 to 90 percent more work holes.

The plasma nitriding finish provides surface hardness and helps protect against weld spatter and corrosion.

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