Zero-drip nozzle helps eliminate lubrication waste

May 21, 2013

Zero-drip nozzle helps eliminate lubrication waste -

Industrial Innovations has announced the availability of its Z-nozzle. The nozzle, which is 99.5 percent drip-free, has a magnetic base that secures the nozzle tightly to its mount, yet it can be moved and repositioned as needed for various applications.

Designed to work with the Spra-Rite spray lubrication system, the nozzle combines low pressure with high velocity. Fluid application is controlled through pressure, time, degree of pattern, and electronic programming of an HMI. Spray tips are interchangeable for a variety of spray angles and volumes.

The spray nozzles are available in brass, stainless, or plastic with tubing diameters of 0.125, 0.1875, and 0.25 in.

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