Automatic slitting system supports up to 10 cuts at 0.250 in.

January 26, 2012

Automatic slitting system supports up to 10 cuts at 0.250 in. -

Red Bud Industries has introduced a fully automated, CNC programmable slitting head. The Auto Slitter can be used with the company's multiblanking and slitting lines.

The operator enters the part or strip width and material specifications into the computer, and the slitting head sets itself up in less than 2 min. without intervention. The new design can support up to 10 cuts at 0.250 in.

When not being used, the knives are stored in an offline knife storage area. After a new job is entered, the slitting head automatically positions the top and bottom knives on the arbors for the width of the parts or strips to be produced. The horizontal blade gap and vertical knife penetration are automatically set based on the thickness and tensile strength of the material being processed.

The stripper fingers used with each knife set, as well as the stress- and burr-reduction pinch rolls, are set automatically based on the material thickness. In addition, material support arms automatically position themselves based on the job being processed. Positioned knives lock themselves into place.

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