Biostable polymer quenchant prevents sticky deposit buildup

June 8, 2004

Houghton International Inc.’s Heat Treating Division has introduced Aqua-Quench™ 145. Formulated specifically for induction- and flame-hardening applications, the biostable polymer quenchant prevents buildup of heavy, sticky deposits on equipment and quenched parts, providing a cleaner quenching process.

The polyalkylene glycol-based polymer quenchant is formulated to provide greater resistance to microbial degradation. Its biostable technology eliminates the need for sumpside additions of antimicrobial agents to the quench tank.

The quenchant is suitable for induction hardening of steel parts used in automotive manufacturing applications, including gears, shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, transmission components, ring gears, and bearings. Heat treaters can vary the quenchant’s concentration to achieve the component’s desired hardenability and performance characteristics.

The quenchant contains a non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor system to protect inductors, limit switches, quench tanks, pipes, and fittings. It prevents spray nozzle and filter blockage, improves wettability on component surface, eliminates steam pockets, and inhibits soft spot formation.

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