Clamping system compatible with most press brakes

August 9, 2005

Wila USA's new line of high-precision lower die holders and crowning systems with hardened hydraulic clamping pins are suitable for use on almost any brand and size press brake, the company says.

A specially designed hydraulic hose integrated into the lower die holder or crowning system activates the hardened clamping pins. When the hydraulic clamping of up to 725 PSI is activated, all the single V dies over the machine's entire length are clamped, seated, and aligned automatically in seconds for immediate bending. The clamping pins are located with minimal space between them, allowing V dies from as small as 0.6 in. (15 mm) to be clamped securely.

The machine-length hydraulic hose system is internal to the holder, which prevents oil leaks. The clamping pin design eliminates contamination from dirt and scaling.

The systems are manufactured from high-quality tool steel with a load capacity of 65 tons per foot (200 metric tons per meter) or greater. Systems with CNC deep-hardened clamping surfaces to HRC 60 also are available.

The systems have a 0.531-in. (13.5-mm) slot opening for automatic clamping OF the company's New Standard or American Single V dies with 0.512-in. (13-mm) tang widths or conventional planed American dies with 0.500-in. (12.7-mm) tang widths.

The systems are available in lengths from 6 ft. to 14 ft.

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