Coil-fed blanking service offered for short-run, prototype parts

May 8, 2014

LaserCoil Technologies LLC now provides preproduction, prototype, and low-volume production part runs. The patented LaserCoil system can process up to 20,000 pieces/run from a variety of coil materials, including aluminum, mild steel, and AHSS. It produces surface-sensitive panels and structural components in thicknesses from 0.02 to 0.14 in. and widths up to 75 in. at any length. The system also can produce complex curvilinear shapes for near-immediate “idea-to-net-shape” components.

The process, which uses a fiber laser and proprietary optics, achieves near-zero dross with a minimal HAZ. This provides components that are ready for laser welding, eliminating the need for a reshearing process.

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