Coil lubricator employs rollers in floating chassis

January 30, 2014

LSP Industries Inc. has introduced the improved FloaterCoater coil lubricator. Available in widths from 12 to 72 in., the roller coater provides metered lubrication to coil stock in stamping and coil processing applications. A floating chassis allows the rolls to float with the coil material passline, ensuring contact with the coil as it moves up and down during the feed cycle.

Lubricant is fed through a number of manifolds that hug the external surface of the rolls. This design accommodates both light and heavy lubricants. To conserve lubricant, any of the manifolds can be shut off if lubrication is not needed in a specific area.

An electronic controller is programmed to deliver lubricant to the rolls on an as-needed basis, rather than an uncontrolled flood system. When the material stops moving, the lubricant flow stops. The rolls can be removed and replaced in less than 5 min. without the use of tools, the company reports.

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