Compact cradle/straightener/feeder suitable for medium- to heavy-gauge applications

May 24, 2010

Coe Press Equipment has introduced a new compact cradle-straightener-feeder (CSF) design featuring an improved material threading process and a hydraulic pilot release mechanism to help improve press feeding accuracy. The machine is suitable for medium- to heavy-gauge applications (0.040 to 0.375 inch) in space-constrained areas.

The line uncoils material by holding the coil's OD while indexing the material to the press with a combination piloting straightener-feeder. The machine unwinds from the top, which produces a small slack loop to help improve straightening and feeding performance.

The design includes a hydraulic pilot release function that releases both the feeding rolls and straightening rolls. These systems can process coil widths up to 60 in. wide, coil ODs up to 63 in., and coil weights up to 20,000 lbs.

Standard features include two driven coil support rollers, two exit pinch rolls (3.93 in. dia.), and seven straightening rolls (3.93 in. dia.). All rolls are synchronously driven. Also standard is hydraulic opening/closing of the Alligator-style straightening head for material threading and roll cleaning, a hold-down arm with a motorized endwheel, and a snubber/peeler for hands-free material threading.

The updated ServoMaster 3 controller provides 500-job memory storage, on-the-fly length micro-adjustment, batch control, bilingual programming, and feed interrupt-continue interlocks.

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