Crossbar feeder links mechanical, hydraulic presses

December 7, 2004

Schuler Inc. has introduced its Crossbar Feeder that can link individual mechanical and hydraulic presses.

The feeder can be fitted to existing mechanical and hydraulic press lines— regardless of press spacing and without having to increase upright width— and can raise output to up to 13 SPM, the company says. Parts are passed in a single action from one press to the next. It can be programmed to change workpiece orientation in seven different steps.

The feeder can be positioned on a longitudinal crossbar between the presses. By adjusting the crossbar, the feeder can be adapted for use with varying press spacing. A double-jointed transport arm allows the feeder to be retrofitted to press lines without adjusting the presses, dies, or sliding bolsters.

The space-saving feeder's design offers improved transport reliability and allows unrestricted access to the die space and feeder.

A PC-based control and visualization features simplify operation and facilitate evaluation of SPS and NC programs and data for identifying and correcting malfunctions.

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