Die lubrication system accommodates up to 16 spray guns

January 10, 2006

Spraying Systems Co. has introduced its 58000P pneumatic die lubrication package, which comprises a pressure tank, valve panel, hook-up kit, and various options of air-actuated spray guns for lubricant placement.

The package accommodates up to 16 automatic spray guns and offers fast reaction times and continuous spray. The package has no moving parts; no pressure cylinders; and no check valves, O-rings, or diaphragms.

The package is suitable for presses of all sizes using lubricants of varying viscosities. It has a sealed pressure tank built to ASME boiler and pressure-vessel code with capacities of 5, 10, or 25 gal.; a maximum pressure of 100 PSI at 100 degrees F; and measures 18 in. in diameter by 38 in. high.

Other features include a valve panel with air filter, air pressure regulator, solenoid valves, and OSHA-approved shutoffs; a hook-up kit for 1- to 16-gun configurations with color-coded nylon tubing for identification; general and high-transfer efficiency setups; the option of six spray gun models in a variety of spray capacities; and additional accessories for special mounting requirements.

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