Die set configurator available online

February 26, 2013

Die set configurator available online - TheFabricator.com

Superior Die Set Corp. has introduced a die set configurator. This CAD drawing generator creates a customized 2-D or 3-D rendering that includes all the plates and components of a die set. Users then choose the format and version to download the image to their computers.

The 3-D die set configurator is available at www.supdie.com via the 3D CADlink, by clicking the digital edition master catalog die set rendering button, or by scanning the appropriate die set QR code.

The configurator entry screen comprises questions used to determine the rendering. Sequential answers are imperative for the dynamic processing of proper die set functionality. The system does not allow incorrect die set design criteria that could limit mechanical accuracy.

The die set configurator automatically generates optional component lengths but defaults the longest available to maximize pin and bushing engagement. The user can shorten these lengths but not choose any that may crash the die. After completing the rendering, the user clicks on the request for quote button to send the specifications directly to the company.