Die set features new crosscut blade design

December 7, 2004

Thermatool has introduced the Alpha TRC-3008 3-in. double-cut die set that features a patented geared crosscut motion with softer cam angles than previous versions, continuous internal lubrication of all critical die components, and a new crosscut blade design in a new material and coating.

Suitable for cutting stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut products, the improved design also eliminates previous high-wear parts.

In its initial introduction at an exhaust tube producing facility, the die set was used to cut 2 -in. (63.5-mm)-OD by 0.070-in. (1.8-mm)-wall 409 stainless steel tubing in 5-ft. (1.52-m) lengths at a mill speed of 160 FPM (49 ms).

Existing Alpha TRC-3007 die sets can be upgraded or replaced. The TRC-3008 also can replace most existing TRC-3004, 3005, and 3006 die sets.

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