Double-sheet detector works with sheets up to 0.24 in.

October 23, 2013

Double-sheet detector works with sheets up to 0.24 in. -

Prime Controls Inc. has introduced the Pulser II double-sheet detector (control model DS210) with electromagnetic smart sensors (probe model PE36M). The unit's compact NEMA 4X control housing pairs with a newly designed smart probe that can remember up to eight calibration values.

The machine is suitable for pick-and-place applications and can be mounted on the end of a robotic arm for metal sheet or part transfer. It detects double sheets of metal that might be stuck together, preventing them from entering the press and potentially damaging metal forming dies.

The double-sheet detector works on ferrous metals with single sheet thicknesses from 0.01 to 0.24 in. The electromagnetic smart probe comes in contact briefly with the metal as it takes a quick pulsed measurement to determine the thickness of the metal, and then releases the metal for transfer.

It has multiple outputs, sensing whether metal is present and indicating a single, double, or less than single sheet.

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