Drive system for hydraulic presses reduces energy consumption

August 25, 2014

Schuler has developed a drive system for hydraulic presses that can reduce energy consumption by up to 60 percent compared to conventional lines. According to the company, the technology, called Efficient Hydraulic Forming (EHF), offers energy savings and optimizations in all operating phases automatically, without the need for any action by the machine operator. The modular system can be retrofitted to existing lines.

The drive’s stand-by function helps to ensure that the main drives are automatically switched off as soon as no energy is needed for the forming process. The patented start-up system can bypass the usual start-up characteristics of drives to reduce energy consumption and noise emissions.

The control valves in the main circuit have been eliminated, and their function has been taken over by servo pumps. Taking into account the applicable safety regulations, the manufacturer has minimized the number of components in the main circuits.

The potential energy of the slide during rapid downstroke and the energy stored in the oil compression are fed back by using the discharged oil to drive units, which generate power with the aid of electric motors.

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