Fluids impart corrosion resistance in metalworking applications

November 8, 2012

Houghton Intl. offers Drawsol™ 850 X4 straight oil lubricant for heavy-duty drawing and stamping and Rust Veto® AS corrosion inhibitor.

The lubricant is formulated primarily for drawing, stamping, forming, and extruding. Suitable for difficult steel and stainless steel operations, it is a compounded blend of EP agents, fatty lubricants, petroleum oil, and other inhibitors. A corrosion-inhibition package allows steel parts to remain free of corrosion during storage.

The corrosion inhibitor is designed for long-term protection of drill pipe and capped casing threads, especially in offshore tubular products. It protects metal against corrosion for up to 12 months during outdoor storage in extreme climate conditions. Indoors, it provides protection for two years or more.

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