Hydraulic press designed for forming, trimming, coining

October 18, 2012

Hydraulic press designed for forming, trimming, coining - TheFabricator.com

Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc. has built a new, small-footprint, 150-ton, gib-guided hydraulic press for a U.S. tool manufacturing application. The robot-fed press offers short lead times for forming, trimming, and coining a heated part in a three-station tool, the company reports.

The press features a uniframe design that consolidates three operations into one progressive station. The frame is modified at the bottom to allow for a scrap conveyor to remove trim scraps through the bed plate onto the conveyor. A six-point, gib-guided press slide offers guiding stability for off-center loading.

The press control allows programming for multiple hits using pressure and distance reversal.

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