Hydraulic press designed for various metal forming operations

February 8, 2005

The CX-series hydraulic press from Pacific Press Technologies is designed specifically for use with compression molding, RTM, RIM, and various metal forming operations. The press has a four-post design that is built with the slide guided by bearings around each of the four corner posts.

The press is available in standard sizes from 100 to 600 tons with a single cylinder or up to five cylinders. It is suitable for long strokes, large open heights, and provides maximum access from all sides.

The rugged construction and heavy welded steel frame allow the press to absorb and uniformly distribute the force in full-capacity operations, the company says. The hydraulic system enables fast cycle speed, as well as safe and reliable press slide control, the company reports.

Optional features include CNCs, die cushions, higher-speed hydraulic packages, and increased stroke lengths.

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