Hydraulic press provides precision press parallelism

April 10, 2007

Beckwood Press Co. has recently delivered a hydraulic press made specifically with two-axis active leveling for precision parallelism of the press. This 230 ton capacity press is being used to form radiator tanks for a construction industry manufacturer.

The press was specifically engineered for the customer's varied off-center loading requirements. The two-axis self leveling, precision parallelism control can be programmed to a desired cut height of plusmn; 0.001 in. with performance of plusmn; 0.002 in. parallelism side-to-side.

The press includes a programmable touch screen operator interface and is integrated with closed loop precision control for position and pressure. It also was integrated with a two-operator foot pedal control system for efficient operation and includes the required safety guards and light curtains for four-sided access protection. Built with 16 in. stroke, 40 in. by 60 in. bolsters, the press has an automatic ram slide lubrication system.

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