Hydraulic presses evenly distribute full-force capacities

October 12, 2004

Pacific Press Technologies offers the OBM and OBL hydraulic presses with an interlocked steel design that absorbs and evenly distributes full-force capacities. Loads are transmitted to the frame by large-diameter bearing blocks that eliminate high stress concentrations.

The OBM line is available in 100- to 500-ton models, and the OBL line is available in 200 to 1,000-ton models. Both are offered in a variety of bed lengths.

The compact, self-contained presses have automatic cylinder synchronization (OBL only), overload protection, automatic decompression, and three advance speeds. They are controlled by a programmable logic controller, which features two-line display and keypad for data entry to program top, bottom, speed change point, and tonnage control. For automated operation with press feeders or robotics, the control has built-in interlocks and a light guard safety system interface.

Options include increased open heights, knockouts, die cushions, special bolster configurations, hydraulic die clamps, quick die change systems, light guards, coil systems, and CNC capabilities.

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