Maintain precise control of fluids and lubricants application

STAMPING Journal October 2007
August 8, 2007


UNIST Metalforming Lubrication Systems provide precise control of fluids and lubricants applied to coil and blank stock. Companies interested in evaluating UNIST's stock lubrication in their facilities can request a 30 day trial from the factory.

The uni-Roller™ is used to place an even, consistent layer of lubricant at the interface between the tooling and the part being formed. It is usually located between the feeder and the die. The system can apply fluid to the top and bottom of the stock, in different or equal amounts. The fluid output is managed by the SPR 2000 programmable controller, which can stand alone or integrate to press controls. It usually eliminates the need for in-die lubrication, but can also be equipped with two types of nozzles for additional lube to the die area.

Lubricant from an LPLV supply tank enters the inside of the uni-Roller through a perforated tube. As fluid exits the tube, it is distributed evenly throughout the entire length of the roller. The roller material then absorbs and distributes the fluid evenly onto the material.

The SPR 2000 programmable controller actuates a bank of valves (up to 22 outputs) at specified intervals in the machine/material cycles, and leaves them open for a programmed duration to supply the uni-Roller. Once a job and its parameters are programmed into the SPR 2000, it can be selected from the memory whenever it is needed. Up to 25 jobs can be saved.

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