Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content

July 31, 2013

Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content -

Cortec®'s EcoLine® metalworking fluid, powered by Nano-VpCI®, is a biodegradable, multifunctional product formulated with biobased lubricants, additives, and emulsifiers. It can be used as an alternative to chlorinated products and mineral oils.

Containing 70 percent biobased content, the concentrate is formulated to work in a variety of soft and hard water qualities. It offers long-term corrosion protection for metalworking machines and processed metals.

The inherently stable fluid removes contaminants from parts while providing corrosion protection. It displaces water and oil from metal surfaces. According to the company, the fluid is effective for operations that require rapid cooling.

The product is not susceptible to bacteria growth, and it does not contain any chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites. Applications include heavy-duty rolling, grinding, extruding, stamping, cutting, and machining.

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