Modular, triaxis transfer helps improve production efficiency

January 21, 2013

Modular, triaxis transfer helps improve production efficiency -

Schuler has unveiled the Intra Trans modular transfer. Designed for installation on all progressive and transfer presses, it allows for the production of larger parts in existing presses, as it can use the complete width of the press window.

The transfer's ability to perform multiple transfer motions on the same rail, including forward and backward motions and asynchronous opening and closing of the transfer rails, provides complete flexibility for total part movement. It keeps pace with servo-drive press requirements and can be retrofitted into the manufacturer's existing AT series transfer installations.

The product conveys parts using patent-pending, bidirectional shuttles that can move back and forth on the transfer rails, while parts are handled by grippers mounted on the shuttles. Drive housings are used to move the transfer rails along the Y and Z axes for opening, closing, or lifting and lowering movements. The housings, floor-mounted on the inner side of the press uprights, allow for asynchronous movement of transfer rails.

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