Peeler station facilitates hands-free, modular threading

July 12, 2010

Coe Press Equipment has announced the availability of its new alligator-style peeler dekinker station, which offers hands-free, modular threading for its 250 and 350 series power straighteners aimed at general contract stampers of small to midsized parts.

The peeler is designed to offer both top and bottom threading operations. All functions in the station are actuated by hydraulic cylinders capable of providing the force and speed required for materials from 0.020 to 0.250 in. thick.

The two-axis peeler table features a telescoping peeler blade to reach the leading edge of the coil and is designed with tapered ends to facilitate threading of wide coils. The upper dekinker table is mounted for independent operation and comes with a motorized threading roll driven by a hydraulic motor.

The system operates by pinching the leading edge of the coil between the threading roll and peeler table. The peeler table then is lowered or raised to achieve dekinking. The threading mechanism operates in tandem with a reel-mounted hold-down and motorized end wheel.

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