Pneumatic press supports progressive-stamping operations

November 11, 2008

AIRAM® Press Co.'s PulsAir is a pneumatic press developed to support progressive-stamping operations for industries such as automotive, appliance, and hardware. Patented technology helps provide high speeds, while a new base design promotes shock and vibration dampening.

Long-length precision guiding provides manufacturers with the capability to run progressive dies while minimizing the effects caused by off-center, states the company. Stroke length is adjustable in increments as small as 0.004. The press ram can dwell on the top or bottom of the stroke. New features include inching or jog control for the ram and remote ram speed adjustment. A small footprint simplifies installation. With few moving parts, the press requires minimal maintenance and only a small amount of lubrication, the company says.

The press is available in gap and straight-side models from 7 tons to 200 tons.

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