Pneumatic presses accommodate 3 to 210 tons

May 13, 2008

AIRAM® Press Co. Ltd. offers standard and custom-engineered pneumatic presses with capacities from 3 to 210 tons. The presses are suitable for general stamping, piercing, blanking, forming, cutoff, coining, embossing, laminating, and assembly-type operations.

The presses feature fully adjustable stroke length and cycle rates of less than 400 ms, with rated tonnage delivered through the entire stroke length. Since the ram can dwell on the top or bottom of the stroke, stampers can match or exceed the press speeds of a production line or stamping job for improved productivity, the company reports.

The presses have small footprints for simplified installation. With few moving parts, maintenance is minimal, and the presses require only a small amount of lubrication.

The company can custom-design press applications. Large die space areas can be provided for low-tonnage applications. Several pneumatic press models can be engineered, including standard four-post guiding, two-post guiding, C-frame design, and automated processes including transfer and pick-and-place robots. Presses also can be supplied in a stationary-die or flying-die design.

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