Pneumatic stock cutter features extended blade life

May 13, 2008

A pneumatic stock cutter from P/A Industries features a new design that maintains close tolerances between parts. According to the company, this helps extend the life of the cutting blades up to five times longer than competitive models. In most cases, blades go for years before sharpening is required, the manufacturer states.

The opening between the cutting blades is 1/4 in., which eliminates the need for special point-of-operation guarding and the potential for serious injury.

The simple design has nine parts total. Parts are closely fitted with no adjustment or shims required.

Width capacities are 1.5 in., 3 in., 5 in., and 7 in. Cutting force capacities are 132 lbs., 942 lbs., 2,073 lbs., and 4,147 lbs. at 75 PSI.

The compact design allows installation in small areas close to production tooling. The moving blade features two cutting edges, while the fixed blade has four cutting edges.

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