Press brake clamping components eliminate need for set screws

December 11, 2007

The PowerExpress® die clamp and Express Clamp® die holder from Wilson Tool International® are designed to eliminate the need for set screws in press brakes to speed die changes.

The automated hydraulic die clamp provides one-touch clamping for American-style press brakes. After loading the die, the operator presses a button to securely and accurately clamp the die in place. Another press of the button unclamps the die for fast changeouts. The die clamp is made in 2-ft., modular sections that a single operator can install. Combined with the company's upper-beam clamp, the die clamp provides a complete hydraulic clamping system.

The mechanical die holder provides instant and secure clamping with the pull of a lever. Reversing the motion releases the die. The holder is compatible with virtually any make or model of American-style press brake, reports the company.

Both the clamp and holder are treated with the company's Nitrex™ high-endurance surface enhancement that provides a surface hardness of HRC 70 to extend clamp life.