Press designed for aerospace industry

December 12, 2006

Avure Technologies Inc. now offers a new model of its Flexform press. The QFC 1x2-800 is an intermediate-sized sheet metal forming press for forming complex shapes and single-shot production to close tolerances for the aerospace industry.

Sheet metal blanks are formed over a single, rigid shape-defining tool half by a flexible rubber diaphragm under high, uniform hydrostatic pressure. Multiple tool halves and blanks are placed freely in dual 1- by 2-m trays that shuttle in and out of the press frame containing the pressurized diaphragm.

According to the manufacturer, the process results in scratch-free parts regardless of the sheet thickness or the complexity of the tool, including undercuts. Pressures up to 11,600 PSI helps to ensure close-tolerance parts directly from the press with little or no secondary work required. It is also possible to form and trim in a single operation. Formed parts can include small shallow components; large panels; and complex, deep-drawn shapes. Cycle time average is less than three minutes.