Press rebuild program offered

September 8, 2011

Press rebuild program offered -

AIRAM® Press Co. Ltd. offers a press rebuild program to upgrade or refurbish pneumatic stamping press equipment. The program is available to customers worldwide and includes the company's line of air presses from 3 to 210 tons.

By partnering with a customs broker for clearance through customs shipping, the company can take press equipment from customers in South America and other global locations and rebuild or refurbish to original factory specifications using existing capital assets.

A simple rebuild includes replacement of central parts to ensure the press runs at factory specifications. A complete press rebuild with the latest technology begins with cleaning, re-machining, grinding, and painting all plates and bases. All components are replaced with AIRAM-approved parts. The tank, regulator, filter, and shutoff valve also are replaced. The press then is tested to help ensure proper operation. Turnaround time is two to four weeks.

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