Punch press marking tooling designed for machines without bottom-stroke forming feature

December 15, 2009

Mate Precision Tooling offers the EasyMark™ 5-in-1 tooling kit for marking fabricated parts during the punching process. It is designed for machines without a bottom-stroke forming feature.

Using the programming software in a CNC punch press, this tool system can be set up to perform the following five marking operations automatically: write numbers, dates, and other identifying information on a part surface with a marker; etch the sheet metal surface with permanent marking information; cut or scribe protective film on sheet metal surfaces; create cone-shaped indentations on the surface to locate the part with other components for later assembly; and perform high-speed, dot-matrix marking.

The kit contains all components and tools for setup into all five of the marking modes. These include an A-Station guide and canister; a marker pen; one brass, one carbide, and two diamond inserts; three types of springs for the diamond and brass inserts; a roller ball; and blank dies.

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